The Schrift Collective exists at the intersection of typographic research, design, writing, publishing, and education. We are a group of type designers, typographers, font engineers, authors, researchers, and editors scattered across the globe. Initially born as an online journal, Schrift expanded into an endeavour, covering the production of fonts, publishing of books, and development of educational programs. Since 2013, we have been designing typefaces, publishing books, and collaborating with teams in the fields of brand identity, visual communications, and multiscript typography.
Type Foundry
We have dozens of typefaces in development, most of which were initiated by our own projects or research. Every type in our collection has been at first used by our designers and typographers in production. Thus, our work extends beyond just type design curiosity; it covers typographic tools where we care about every detail in the making. Our collection comprises a variety of types, starting with faithful historical revivals that follow in the footsteps of Claude Garamond, Robert Granjon, Jacques-François Rosart, Eric Gill, and others, as well as original designs for text typesetting, digital product design, and brand communications. We also provide design services for bespoke fonts to clients who are seeking solutions for complex projects.
Type Collection
Publishing Program
Letterforms, visual culture and the history of the printed word captivate a much broader audience worldwide than one might expect. Our research-based practice spans a wide range of subjects, from Gutenberg’s ink to digital multiscript technologies. We believe that every book project creates space for numerous contributors and professional activities. A simple book idea can evolve into a typeface, inspire an exhibition, and lead to unexpected highlights, thereby enriching our lives.
Published Books
Type Journal
We explore the captivating history and essence of typography, delving into the reading experience and the art of type on the pages of our online journal. Over the course of more than a decade, we have shed light on a range of subjects, from the evolution of scripts to the profound impact of typography from the Renaissance to the digital era. The editorial board of the journal is composed of professionals, who bring a critical note to the editorial program as well as to each publication.
Online Reading