Two faces of one revolution
Alexey Dombrovsky, Vladimir Krichevsky
The book («Два шрифта одной революции») is dedicated to a very vivid but still unexplored chapter in the history of Russian typographic tradition. At the center of the authors’ attention are two typographic symbols from the 1920s and early 1930s: Sergey Chekhonin’s lettering and the rectangular type of the Constructivists. The book is divided into two sections: ‘Primitive Type’ and ‘Chekhonin’s Type.’ The main concept of the publication lies in the collision of aesthetically incompatible styles that were nevertheless brought together by the Russian Revolution.
Dimensions: 167 × 246 mm. Extent: 224 pages.
Softcover. Print run: 470 copies.
Typefaces: Georgia Pro, Verdana Pro (Matthew Carter), SchoolBook (Elena Tzaregorodtseva, Manvel Shmavonyan).
Published in 2014. ISBN 978-5-904571-26-9.

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