Vladimir Favorsky: On type
Editors: Rustam Gabbasov, Eugene Yukechev
The book («О шрифте») is based on a chapter of the writing ‘On Graphic Art as the Basis of a Book.’ In this work, Favorsky presents his own classification of typefaces and introduces his thoughts on graphic design, book art and typography from an unexpected perspective. The edition offers the reader an extensive overview of the prominent artist and educator Vladimir Favorsky’s unique theory of type, accompanied by carefully collected illustrations and examples.
Dimensions: 160 × 240 mm. Extent: 112 pages
(1 fold-out sheet).
Softcover. Print run: 3 × 500 copies.
Typefaces: Kis (Miklós Tótfalusi Kis, Cyrillic by Vladimir Yefimov), Futura (Paul Renner, Cyrillic by Vladimir Yefimov).
First published in 2014; 2nd edition 2016; 3rd edition 2021. ISBN 978-5-904144-01-2.
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