Villu Toots: 100 Book Covers
Editors: Mart Anderson, Eugene Grigoriev, Oleg Matsuev. Texts: Pyotr Chobitko, Märt Varik
A comprehensive collection of 100 book covers by the prolific Estonian calligrapher Villu Toots (1916–1993) is presented («Виллу Тоотс: 100 книжных обложек»). Toots was one of the most Western of the postwar Soviet book designers and his impact on his colleagues is difficult to overestimate. His books on calligraphy and lettering became bestsellers throughout the USSR. Despite this popularity, his heritage is almost unknown outside Estonia.
English edition co-published with John Neal Books.
Dimensions: 128 × 200 mm. Extent: 128 pages.
Otabind Softcover. Print run: 500 copies.
Typefaces: Melior (Hermann Zapf).
Published in 2017. ISBN 978-5-9906754-3-8.

Out of Copy.
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